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The Best Security Cameras For The Elderly



As our parents age, it’s normal to worry about their safety and how they manage their daily activities, especially when they are home alone. It’s vital that we do what we can to reinforce home security for our elderly loved ones.

Home security systems are an effective way to give you and your loved ones peace of mind. Security cameras, two-way communication devices, and alarm systems are some of the features that can ensure the safety of the elderly in the comfort of their own home. 

Regardless of how often you have the chance to see your elderly relatives or friends, there are things you can do to help ensure their safety. Let’s review the best ways to protect your elderly loved ones, particularly when they are vulnerable.


How can I monitor my elderly parents at home?

Having a parent or elderly loved one living alone or in a retirement home can be a cause for concern for the rest of the family. Unfortunately, the reality is that living alone as they age can be lonely and isolating, particularly when they aren’t as mobile as they once were. Sadly, this also increases their vulnerability to crimes. Luckily, there are steps you can take to show them you feel lucky to still have them in your life and want them to continue to be happy and have their independence, while feeling comfortable and safe in their own environment. 

Elderly relatives frequently want to stay in their own homes because of the familiarity, comfort, and possibly nostalgia. There can be an emotional cost that comes with moving to a closer or safer space that would be more suited to their day-to-day activities and vulnerabilities. 

Thankfully, aging in place can be accomplished successfully with proper preparation and planning. A family caregiver can take on the primary role of home aid and making sure they have the best care at certain times of the day. A helpful addition to this is a security system that can give both them and you peace of mind that should something happen, you can have a quick response and a higher likelihood of a positive outcome.

Why do seniors need a home security system?

Ask yourself these questions to evaluate the health and safety of your parents in their home:

  • Do they have difficulty completing daily activities such as cooking or bathing?
  • Do they have frequent falls, suffer from memory loss, or experience other health changes that increase their risks?
  • Do they have side effects from their medication that affects their day to day activities?

If you answered yes to any of the above, a home security system might be the answer to provide you peace of mind and improved safety for your loved ones. A smart home security system can provide the elderly added protection when it comes to their health and safety in their home. Several available systems include sensors or call activation systems so your loved ones can easily seek help for a problem at any time of day or night. 

Most common reasons for elderly home security

Physical or mental abuse

One of the biggest risks to elderly parents as they age is physical abuse. A 2017 study across 28 countries estimated that, in 2016, more than 15% of people aged 60 and older were subjected to some form of abuse. This abuse is not always inflicted by strangers or criminals; unfortunately, trusted caregivers or even family members are most commonly abusers of the elderly.

An elderly surveillance system could be the best way to ensure your parents are getting the best care. With the use of a high quality camera, you can have a clear picture of what happens when they’re with their caregivers. The cameras can be placed in clearly viewed areas for the carers to know that they are being monitored, and are therefore more likely to perform their role the best that they can. If something’s not sitting right with you at any time of day or night, or even if you just want to check in on them, you can just review past footage on your phone. You can rest assured that you can keep a close eye on your loved ones from the convenience of your smart device.

Behaviour changes

Some side effects of medications, expected memory loss, or possible behavioural changes in our elderly loved one makes them extremely vulnerable to acts such as verbal abuse or financial exploitation from strangers at their doorstep or even a family member. These symptoms can also lead to them forgetting simple daily necessities like eating and washing. Home security systems can provide a sufficient level of monitoring of your loved ones physical well-being, as well as their mental state and behaviour. 

Falls and other accidents

Our body’s get weary as we age and are not as reliable as we once knew them to be. An unexpected fall can be life changing for people with frail bones. A fracture can even go unnoticed for an extended time among people with minimal physical activity. Another possibility is that after a fall, it may be difficult or even impossible for them to get back on their feet. Being able to monitor them through video surveillance could potentially save their life, or at the very least, prevent long term disability from an unseen fall. 

Vulnerability to crimes

Security systems in homes are a deterrent to burglary and robbery, and older people are often the target of crooks and con artists as well. Having visible cameras may protect homeowners against such occurrences. Elderly people can even use the smart security system to check who’s at the door and see if it is for legitimate purpose, providing them safety and preventing discomfort when opening the door. As such, they are more likely to feel comfortable in their homes. This helps improve their mental and emotional stability and quality of life. Utilising the right security system can also simplify the management of home security so it’s accessible to even the biggest technophobes.

Best home security systems for seniors

Modern security products are more effective today than ever, and the huge selection of features that are offered by top manufacturers can prevent crimes, accidents, and abuse. Before you consider installing an elderly security system, you need to consider the legality of doing so. Sit down and talk to your loved ones about whether they’re comfortable with it. They may feel it’s an intrusion rather than a safety measure, so having a frank discussion about your concerns is warranted. There are a variety of different systems you could implement that can meet both your needs and theirs.

Elderly monitoring cameras

Elderly security cameras are a popular choice, particularly if you live in a distant area. You can visually monitor your loved ones and these systems can usually be accessed from a mobile device. 

Two-way communication

Besides visual security, security systems can utilise a two way communication system which can allow for a daily check in and keep communication channels open so they always know you’re nearby. 

Alarm Systems

Built in alarm systems can alert you, a caregiver, authorities, or health services to incidents and get your loved ones the help they need quickly. 

Once you have consent, be careful about the placement of cameras. Don’t set up cameras anywhere there’s an expectation of privacy such as the bathroom or bedroom. This is especially important if your parents have guests or caregivers who use these facilities.

CCTV Solutions will guide you to the best home security system or protection system that can help both you and your loved ones enjoy safety and peace of mind in the comfort of your own homes. 


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