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Does home security matter to you?

Your house is your castle, right? A space that is safe, secure, comfortable - a haven for you and your family. Often people add an alarm system as standard to their home, but little more is thought about home security, until there’s a real issue. 

Proper protection of your family and your assets, we believe, takes a little more thought. Options like quality CCTV cameras, integrated home alarm systems, and physical security can all add assurance for you. But where do you start?

Home security cameras

The use of CCTV home security is becoming far more common, particularly in more premium properties and developments.

We provide a range of quality video surveillance systems for home. These are a step up from many of the DIY CCTV camera options available, providing a much more digitally secure and practical to use system.

Choosing CCTV cameras for your home

There are a lot of considerations to make when choosing CCTV cameras for home use: 

  • Size of your property
  • Entry points
  • Internal or external cameras, or both
  • Need for night vision
  • Neighbours’ privacy
  • IP security 
  • Wireless or wired
  • And of course, budget

As part of our service we provide a full consultation on site to work through the most effective plan for your CCTV home security and how it might work with your home alarm system or other security features, like lighting.

The best products for home security

Access Control Systems

An access control system manages your spaces, who can access them, and when, with a digital entry system that provides a full audit trail. Swipe card entry, fob entry, touch entry, and scheduled access etc.

Video surveillance

You can’t have eyes in the back of your head, but CCTV solves that problem. Standard CCTV, Facial Recognition CCTV, and License Plate Recognition LPR CCTV are all elements we can discuss. Facial Recognition CCTV ticks a lot of boxes in hospitality in security, staff management, footfall, as well as marketing.

CCTV monitoring

For an added layer of security, particularly for bars and restaurants, CCTV monitoring can be great additional security for hours where no one is on site.

Intercom security

Video intercom security may be a handy layer of protection overnight when doors are often closed to public, but tills are open and you’re providing a safer service for your staff.

Wireless home security

While there are still some hardwired surveillance systems available, wireless security is where technology is at. 

  • It creates a mini cellular network in your home to connect cameras/lighting/sensors/alarms.
  • If you have a security monitoring service, this can also be connected. 
  • With all products, you can access your live-feeds via app on your devices. 

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Pros and cons of wireless CCTV



Wireless CCTV and home security gives you flexibility as cameras aren’t tied to cabling, they can be moved at any point.

As they’re running off a wireless network there is the possibility of security systems being hacked or triggered - these issues are usually few and far between though.

They’re easy to install than wiring a pre-existing home.

Depending on the size of your home, your wireless security may be limited by the square meterage of the network your security company can set up - a skilled company will have the ability to provide full coverage.

Burglars can’t snip cables as they are wireless, they’d have to hack to access.

Wireless systems run on batteries, so you need to keep a track of this, a little like a smoke alarm. If you run through a monitoring company, they will keep track of this.

High rate of reliability - not connected to electrical power.

Do you need permission to have CCTV installed at your home?

No you don’t need to have permission to have CCTV cameras installed on your private property, but there are several considerations to make. 

  • You must be aware of what you’re shooting - video recorded by CCTV may be subject to civil, privacy and even criminal legislation.
  • Video collected for personal use on your property isn't subject to privacy laws, but distribution of that footage is eg. sharing to social media etc.
  • CCTV cameras need to be set up correctly and have the necessary level of IP security. 

We can manage all these aspects for you and make sure your CCTV security system complies with New Zealand law.

We’re here to help - CCTV Solutions is a market leader working with you to achieve the most thorough security plan - get in touch.

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