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Education Security

We have a very open-gate culture in schools and universities in New Zealand, and while this is a nice nonchalant Kiwi approach, security risks are very real in education. 

Manufacturing Security

When it comes to physical security, manufacturing companies have a lot to consider.

Banking & Finance Security

The banking industry holds lots of areas of security risk in both the physical, and digital world.

Petroleum Industry Security

There’s a lot going on in a modern petrol station - they’re multi-functioning retail spaces often open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with thousands of people moving through the space. 

Retail Security Systems

When your product is on display, it’s rather easy for items to walk right out the door sans payment.

Hospitality Industry Security

There are so many security factors to consider when you’re working in the hospitality industry - from robbery, to patron safety, trespassing, stealing and violence, to name just a few.

Warehouse & Logistics Security

With thousands of dollars worth of stock in your care, thorough security throughout your supply-chain is imperative. 

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