Manufacturing Security

Make a stand on security for your manufacturing business

When it comes to physical security, manufacturing companies have a lot to consider. You’d think all the value lay in digital security and intellectual property. But without proper protection at a physical level, those elements are all put at risk

Where do I start with protecting my business, and customers?

Factors to think of include protecting your people working in the facility and the products that they are producing. But also their customer and employee information, financial records, product information/trade secrets, and much more.

If physical devices fail, this has the potential to put all your security at risk. Think about your manufacturing server system - there may be data encryption and authentication to provide reliable security, but if someone breaks into the facility, those security measures are redundant.

For manufacturers, protecting physical security also means protecting information, personnel and products.

3 key security concerns for manufacturing companies

1. Theft 

Theft causes so much impact on a manufacturing business, whether it’s intelligence, plans, prototypes or items used in the manufacturing process.The security risk may come from outside offenders damaging a facility or stealing. Or more concerningly, theft from on site - employees sharing private information, video, or insider secrets. 

2. Security operations personnel are overwhelmed

Depending on the scale of your operation, security operations personnel are inundated with security signals. This can be damaging to a manufacturer if the team starts ignoring signals or isn’t sure how to prioritise them. It may not seem like a high priority, but scaling and training your security team well can make all the difference to being a step ahead of an event.

3. Black market replicas

Stolen intellectual property can lead to devastating loss for a brand. Counterfeit products not only tarnish the original brand by putting lower quality products into the market, but can also harm revenue and their overall reputation.

Security systems options for manufacturing businesses

Access Control Systems

An access control system manages your spaces, who can access them, and when, with a digital entry system that provides a full audit trail. Swipe card entry, fob entry, touch entry, and scheduled access etc.

Video surveillance

You can’t have eyes in the back of your head, but CCTV solves that problem. Standard CCTV, Facial Recognition CCTV, and License Plate Recognition LPR CCTV are all elements we can discuss. Facial Recognition CCTV ticks a lot of boxes in hospitality in security, staff management, footfall, as well as marketing.

CCTV monitoring

For an added layer of security, particularly for bars and restaurants, CCTV monitoring can be great additional security for hours where no one is on site.

Alarm Security Systems

Alarms are an absolute essential, whether it’s motion detection, entry point detection or a multi level alarm system.

Intercom security

Video intercom security may be a handy layer of protection overnight when doors are often closed to public, but tills are open and you’re providing a safer service for your staff.

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Let us help you get the right level of protection for your business - we work with individual clients or can work out an adaptable security plan across a network of sites. Book a free security consultation and we can talk with you about raising security at your manufacturing business.

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