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Keeping your CCTV system in check

Maintenance of CCTV cameras is essential in protecting your assets and spaces over time. And the best way to maintain it is to have a CCTV professional service your system.

How often should CCTV be serviced?

We recommend annual professional maintenance of CCTV systems, checking wiring, camera angles, and providing any recommendations for improvement.  

We provide CCTV maintenance services nationwide through our team of CCTV specialists. They will:

  • Complete a full check of your entire CCTV system
  • Provide you with a written report showing any sign of deterioration since video surveillance installation
  • Provide any extra training as required for new or existing staff
  • Offer advice and recommendations to help keep your video surveillance system fully operational

What are the CCTV maintenance costs? 

It does all depend on the size of your CCTV system - we will always quote before any work is done. We also offer a more regular CCTV maintenance contract which ensures your system is in top order, all the time, and brings the overall cost of maintenance down.

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More than CCTV maintenance

All clients who participate in our Routine Preventative Maintenance programme are entitled to free loan equipment should a faulty component be removed for repair assessment.

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What is the lifespan of CCTV?

The products we suggest - Panasonic CCTV, Dahua camera systems, Avigilon camera systems, HikVision CCTV systems and Axis camera systems - all have over a 10 year lifespan, some up to 25 years depending on the CCTV system installation.

Technology obviously changes dramatically in a period like that, but many of these systems have the ability to adapt and work in hybrid fashion until full CCTV upgrade is required.

Want a more specific answer about a CCTV maintenance issue you’re facing? Get in touch or book a consultation.

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