Alarm Security Systems

More than an alarm system

Security alarms have been used for decades in protecting homes and property. Most people know the basics of an alarm system - to detect intrusion, unauthorized entry – into a building, home, school. But you probably didn’t realise just how clever these security alarm systems have become in protecting you and your property.

Whether you’re looking for security for your business, commercial buildings, retail space, school, warehouse or rural property, an alarm is the best starting point.  

What type of alarm security systems should I use? 

At CCTV Solutions our aim is to help customers develop the perfect security system for their home or company, that works for the way they do life or business. There are usually multiple parts to alarm systems, all working together to provide layers of protection.

Alarm System Parts


Internal sensors are placed throughout your home or building. These sensors report any movement back to the alarm system when motion is detected, through passive infra-red (PIR). Pet sensors are also available for residential and commercial environments to avoid false activations.


Entry points can be set up with entry delay timers to allow time to disarm your system. Sensors are positioned to provide hassle-free entry to your building.


Our security systems can be split into separate areas so you can arm certain parts of the alarm while leaving other parts disarmed, such as different levels or areas of a building or home. You can also add entry access control to different areas of a building.


Manage and monitor your security from your smartphone App anywhere in the world, so long as you have mobile or internet access.


Our alarm system solutions can connect to our advanced monitoring service. With this you have extra security options like notifications or a guard response.


Wireless options are certainly available, and work in many situations, though not all. Wireless is a great option for installation as it means we can install an alarm system without having to run wiring throughout your home or business. Though there are some compromises with that which we can talk through during security consultation.

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Should I choose CCTV or an alarm system?

Our answer, both... and! While CCTV provides awesome real time footage of what is happening in your home or business, unless you have someone monitoring that 24/7 you will never pick up a crime before it happens. You simply have footage evidence of the perpetrator. 

Alarms on the other hand provide real-time warning and response, and act as a deterrent to potential lawbreakers. 

CCTV and alarms work hand-in-hand. Getting the best service from your alarm or CCTV system comes down to adapting it to meet your needs specifically - using the features that benefit you, leaving the rest. And that’s our job, to give you sound and experienced advice on how you can connect security systems.

Have a chat with us today about home alarm systems, or reviewing your business security systems. 

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