Petroleum Industry Security

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There’s a lot going on in a modern petrol station - they’re multi-functioning retail spaces often open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with thousands of people moving through the space. 

High people movement and a high value product creates high risk - and petrol stations are a prime target for burglaries, non-payment of petrol, ram-raids, and violent crime. Having strategic CCTV cameras and security systems in place is essential for providing you with a clear viewpoint of what’s happening throughout the space. 

So are you doing enough to keep staff safe? 

Almost all service stations have been running a surveillance system for the past 15-20 years, and the quality of CCTV systems has improved hugely. But with the more recent development of Facial Recognition CCTV, the game has changed. 

Facial Recognition CCTV allows you to raise the level of security dramatically, and at the same time improve the customer journey, engage proximity marketing, and increase sales. 

Facial recognition CCTV records an image of a customer and uses Facial Recognition Software for CCTV to match a customer to a database. It has really widespread benefits:

  • VIP and blacklisted customer identification
  • Tracks customer footfall
  • Records customer demographics
  • Shows customer journey
  • Records conversion rate
  • Can trigger proximity ads
  • Alerts real time queue notification
  • Automated incidents handling

Top picks for service station security system

Video surveillance

You can’t have eyes in the back of your head, but CCTV solves that problem. Standard CCTV, Facial Recognition CCTV, and License Plate Recognition LPR CCTV are all elements we can discuss. Facial Recognition CCTV ticks a lot of boxes in hospitality in security, staff management, footfall, as well as marketing.

CCTV monitoring

For an added layer of security, particularly for bars and restaurants, CCTV monitoring can be great additional security for hours where no one is on site.

Alarm Security Systems

Alarms are an absolute essential, whether it’s motion detection, entry point detection or a multi level alarm system.


Capturing license plates specifically, rather than having to trawl through standard CCTV footage may be a great added layer of security for your forecourt, preventing or capturing drive-offs and other crimes.

Fog cannons

If you have a particular area of value or risk of burglary eg. safes within hotels or cash drawers, fog cannons may be an effective option depending on layout.

Intercom security

Video intercom security may be a handy layer of protection overnight when doors are often closed to public, but tills are open and you’re providing a safer service for your staff.

Panic buttons

Simple and discreet access to a panic button is an essential for petrol station cashiers. We have several clever products we can recommend as part of your security system.

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Every petrol station space is set up differently, which is why we adapt our security systems to meet your needs exactly, whatever the scale of your business. Book a free security consultation so we can talk with you about your service station security.

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