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Depending on your business, you might need to track more than just people. Perhaps you need to track vehicles too for security purposes, payment, or just patronage? LPR CCTV is a real area of growth, and we can help you with it.

What is LPR CCTV?

LPR CCTV or LPNR CCTV is essentially utilising cameras capable of license plate recognition. It’s been used for a long while in enforcement, tolling and more recently car parking, but it’s now becoming a widely used tool in many areas of security too.

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How does LPNR CCTV work?

License plate recognition works when your camera captures video of a vehicle's license plate and then either stores it to review later or runs the image through video analytics software (automatic number plate recognition software - ANPR) to compare it to a database of stored license plate numbers.

You can even set your system up to send you alerts - should a match be found  - straight to your email or mobile. 

For an LPR CCTV camera to work well, there are a few things to take into consideration: 

  • Angle of the camera
  • Distance from the camera to car - you want to minimise the distance where possible for clarity of picture 
  • Lighting - there must be enough light for number plate recognition, which may mean installation of lighting, essential if you’re needing your LPR CCTV to work at night. 
  • Speed of oncoming traffic - the LPR camera needs enough time to focus to capture a plate, so speed usually needs to be no more than 55km per hour, depending on the angle, distance and lighting.

The quality of the LPNR video created may also be important - if you ever need to use the video for legal purposes, you’ll need to meet the requirements of NZ law. We can advise you on all elements of getting your LPNR CCTV NZ prepped.

Which LPR CCTV camera is best?

The right LPR CCTV camera depends all depends on your setup and situation. Quality of video produced, installation ability, and integration into your existing security system are all factors that we take into account. 

We always look to customise a solution that works ideally for your requirements. And customising a solution doesn’t mean a lot more cost - it means getting the job done right. 

We have a range of products we recommend including the Dahua CCTV LPR range and the LPR CCTV Hikvision range. And we also have a variety of ANPR software we recommend too so you can utilise the data collected.

What is the difference between ANPR and LPR?

People often ask what LPR means in CCTV. And there can be confusion between LPR and ANPR - two different terms used to describe the hardware and software used for license plate recognition and capture using surveillance camera systems.


  • LPR means license plate recognition
  • Usually used to describe the specialty CCTV cameras that have the capability of capturing license plate data, despite car speeds, fog, night vision, and reflective license plate material


  • ANPR means automatic number plate recognition 
  • Describes the software that takes the data from an LPR camera and recognizes the alpha numeric characters on a plate

It then stores to a database or matches against existing database records.

Why do I need LPR CCTV?

Most obviously, LPNR CCTV is used as a security device, to track vehicles entering and exiting a premises, community or area.
But LPR CCTV has far wider uses in understanding customer behaviour, the flow of a space, problem areas or behaviours that can be addressed. The ANPR data can be utilised to tell all kinds of stories that can make things simpler for your customers and for your business.



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