Fog Cannon Systems

Flush out criminals with fog

Fog cannons are a relatively recent security technology. And as their name implies, they do just what they say - create a ‘cannon’ of dense fog to fill a room when an emergency button is triggered. The fog stops burglars in their tracks as they cannot see the things they came in to steal, and creates a barrier between them and your staff. 

This is a non-violent, but highly effective action during robberies, with burglars left disoriented, confused and essentially blinded, in a matter of seconds. Studies show burglars instinctively retreat in this situation. 

What are the features of a security fogger?

  • Fog cannons are triggered by a button situated where staff have ready access to it.
  • Cannons generate dry fog for one minute at full speed [up to 2700m3], and the fog then remains for up to 12 minutes.
  • There is a pulse function so you can maintain the fog density and make the fog effect last longer after the first discharge.
  • There is enough fluid in the tank for many fog discharges.
  • Long battery backup time if the burglar cuts power - built-in daily automatic battery test. Long cost-effective battery life.
  • Internal/external status indicator on the machine - LED and display. Quickly indicates the status of the fog cannon.
  • Anti-sabotage steel cabinet reduces vandalism to the machine.
  • Latest technology IP cards for internet monitoring or even remote access [can you trigger remotely?]
  • Compatible with all security alarm systems or fully standalone operation.
  • Peace of mind, with up to 5-years’ factory warranty. 

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See it in action

Are fog cannons safe?

Many people ask, is smoke from a fog machine bad for you? The dense white fog is totally breath-able and harmless to humans, animals, electronics and fixtures. It leaves no residue at all, which means you don’t have to worry about it damaging any stock. 

The fog is created using a combination of glycol and water that is forced through a heated element. This is the same as the smoke machines you will see used in stage performances.

Can you use a fog cannon at home?

While their primary design was to be used in small retail stores, fog cannons can have lots of other uses. If you have concerns over a particular area in your home, or an area containing high value product, this may also be a place to consider a fog cannon.

How do I remove the cannon fog?

While the fog is very thick, it will disperse in around 20 minutes if the space is well ventilated. The room should be well ventilated within an hour of releasing the cannon.

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