Access Control Systems

Technology that opens new doors

Setting up access control for your business gives you the ability to digitally manage your space, who can access it, and when. This might include staff, contractors or visitors on site. 

In terms of entry access control, the location you’re controlling could be anything from a site or building, to a room or safe. People may be entering on foot, driving a vehicle or using another mode of transport - all this has to be taken into account when you’re designing entry access control. 

Access control systems give you peace of mind that everyone can access what they need and nothing more. As it’s an automated system, it takes the onus off personnel. And for growing organisations it’s a streamlined and simple way to create an audit trail and reduce administration.

Which access control system is best?

As always, it all depends on the setup of your organisation, the building you are in, the roles people have - making a decision on the best access control setup will be done best through a security consultation with us, CCTV Solutions, your access control system service providers.

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