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Security Services & Systems

The Right Call On your security system

There’s a lot to take in when making a call on a security system for your business or your home.

With the amount of new technology available - what will give you the best value and lifespan from your investment? There are many questions around CCTV systems and new CCTV technology too, and our aim is to provide you with open advice on what is the best CCTV system for your situation. 

Why Choose CCTV Solutions?

It comes down to experience - 30 years’ experience working with security systems certainly shows you a thing or two about what works.  

It also reveals a lot of CCTV technology over the time, and gives you the insight into knowing what’s worth the investment and what’s not, for clients’ businesses.

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our assurances to you:  

  • All our CCTV Solutions team members hold a current Certificate of Approval under the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority or PSPLA (formally the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act).
  • As a member of Site Safe we guarantee that all our consultants and technicians will perform their duties to the highest level of safety, with all technicians Site Safe trained.
  • We have been a Corporate Member of the New Zealand Security Association (NZSA) since 2003.
  • CCTV Solutions Limited carries $20M Public Liability Insurance so you can rest assured your business is safe with us.

Security systems for your home

Protecting your family and assets is something we all put a priority on.

Whether you’re looking for home surveillance, monitored CCTV, or protection for particular areas of your home, we provide home security consultation to give you a specialised security setup that works for your way of life. Take a look at the premium CCTV home security systems we work with.

See Our CCTV for home security

Security Systems for your business

Whether you’re interested in CCTV systems, warehouse security camera systems, fog armed security systems, retail shop security systems, entry access control, video surveillance, LPR CCTV or Facial Recognition CCTV, we have the skills to help you create a security system that works for your business, streamlining your process and assisting staff.

We provide CCTV monitoring, maintenance and ongoing assessment because our service is what makes the difference in providing the best protection for your business. 

Find out more about our commercial security

What is the difference between analog and digital CCTV?

This is a question many of our customers come to us with as CCTV technology changes and they feel the need to upgrade their security. 

It’s simple really - digital CCTV is the way of the future. Analog relies on a wired network of cameras that feed the images data back to a central computer. Digital CCTV or IP CCTV turns video images into data which is then transmitted over a network or internet connection. 

Digital CCTV offers greater flexibility in CCTV camera installation, and also in the use of the data the CCTV system collects. Digital CCTV also offers much higher quality images.

When it comes to CCTV systems, choose experience.
We have it, and we offer all our expertise to you in developing the right security system to fit your business and the way you work.

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