Security Consultation & Assessments

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If you’re considering improving security at your workplace or at home, why not get the ball rolling? We offer a no obligations security consultation, with you on site.

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What does a security consultation involve?

One of our CCTV consultants will come to your home or premises and listen to what your goals are around security, and any problem areas that might need particular attention.

Security assessments

Assessment for home 

  • Our CCTV specialists will come and look at your home and surrounding property to assess options for camera layout and any key points of concern. 
  • They will provide you with a report on the best CCTV product for your home, as well as give you a CCTV system cost and installation estimate.

Assessment for business 

  • Our CCTV specialist will look at your premises, or multiple sites if you have them.
  • They’ll talk with you about outcomes you want to achieve, problem areas, and some of the CCTV technology available that can actually help you streamline the way you do business, not just security. 
  • From there they will give you a recommendation and costing on the CCTV security system you’re looking at. 

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Part of the process is talking your through all the pros and cons of certain products and technologies, and future-proofing your investment too. 

After that meeting if you’re willing to go ahead, we will develop a full plan and product specification to meet your needs. 

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