PROTECT Security Fog Systems

Most businesses have alarm systems installed to protect their valuables. However, despite the precautions you take, you can never prevent an attempted burglary. This is where a security fog system steps in to prevent your property from being stolen or vandalised.

How it works

Once inside your premises, a burglar is likely to steal your valuables if you are only secured by a standard alarm system. PROTECT Fog Cannons fill the area with dense fog when activated. This makes it extremely difficult for the criminal to see, or steal, anything. The fog, combined with a siren & strobe light, can make an offender feel uncomfortable. This effect encourages them to leave the area very quickly. The fog itself is completely harmless, and remains dense long enough for emergency services to arrive.

A flexible security concept for your business

The PROTECT security fog system includes a varied range of fog cannons. These devices are designed to secure a multitude of business types; both in appearance and capacity.

A fog cannon adds value to your existing security system by:

  • Minimising potential loss
  • Assisting in stopping burglary, theft, robbery, assault, and vandalism

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