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Let Facial Recognition CCTV elevate the way you do business

Facial Recognition CCTV systems are a step into a new reality for business owners with amazing advances for your security, the way staff spend their time, and also user-responsive marketing. 

At CCTV Solutions we’ve helped integrate this new technology into many businesses now across New Zealand and it’s amazing to see the changes Facial Recognition CCTV brings.

What makes Facial Recognition CCTV such a game changer? 

By digitally recognising faces, this technology allows you to get a birds-eye view of just how your customers or staff interact in your space - customer footfall, their demographics, and their journey to purchase (or not purchase, for that matter!), as well as time on the job. 

Facial recognition technology takes a lot of the manual labour out of analysing CCTV surveillance and frees time, allowing staff to get on with their real work. 

While Facial Recognition CCTV camera systems simplify the way you run CCTV security immensely, much of their value is in the customer journey insights they provide.

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How the process works

Step 1: Face detection

The Facial Recognition CCTV Cameras detect and locate a face alone or in a crowd, either straight-on or in profile.

Step 2: Face analysis

An image of the face is captured and analyzed. Most facial recognition software for CCTV relies on 2D rather than 3D images because it can more easily match a 2D image with public photos or those in a database. The software reads the geometry of the face and identifies the facial ‘landmarks’.

Step 3: Converting the image to data

The analog information (a face) collected in facial analysis is then transformed into a set of digital information (data) based on the person’s facial features - essentially a mathematical formula. This numerical code is called a faceprint, just as unique as a thumbprint.

Step 4: Finding a match

The faceprint is then compared against a database of other known faces. These photos may be from a staff database, national security archives or can even be drawn from social media public records. If a faceprint matches an image in a facial recognition database, then a call is made.

There are of course privacy considerations with all forms of Facial Recognition CCTV, but the systems we advise on all fit within NZ’s privacy laws. As well as a higher level of security, Facial Recognition CCTV provides you with very usable data in terms of customer interaction, store processes and setup. 

Finding the right Facial Recognition CCTV camera for your space

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to integrating facial recognition technology into your business. What’s your primary goal? Security? Customer analytics? Analysing footfall? Keeping track of staff?

These are all things we talk through with you when providing our CCTV specialist service. Cost is also a consideration too, and how it can integrate with your existing security system. 

For Facial Recognition CCTV Hikvision is often a product we work with, but as we consult with you we can help find the right product to work best for your security needs. 

We’re here to talk you through this new Facial Recognition CCTV technology and what it can do for you any time - talk to us.

Does all CCTV have Facial Recognition?

Not all CCTV has facial recognition. Of course, part of the CCTV process is in recognising faces, but on standard CCTV systems this is all done manually with the human eye. With Facial Recognition CCTV, this is done automatically through a vast database of potential matches. Facial Recognition CCTV systems streamline the process for you incredibly, and can offer a tonne of business analytics benefits on top of the sound security they provide.

How reliable is Facial Recognition CCTV?

In ideal conditions - front-on or profile detection -  facial recognition systems can have near-perfect accuracy.Verification algorithms used to match subjects to clear reference images (like a passport photo or mugshot) can achieve very high accuracy scores. 

It all depends on the quality of the image captured, and the comparison image held in the database - if that is of high quality, then accuracy of match is near perfect. Which is why using the right CCTV camera technology and software is key to the outcome you want to achieve. 



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